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I don't know what's going to happen to my Mediafire account, so please have a look and grab anything you like:
no passwords needed.

Besides Gackt materials, there are file of Middle Eastern dance and music.

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Got my copy of Bunraku two days ago...no disappointment at all!

One of the most interesting things, for me, was watching Gackt play a somewhat naive character.  I mean, heck, he probably hasn't been naive about much of anything since 1993.   I'm going to watch it again tonight with a friend who is a big movie buff, so probably she can fill me in on some of the many references that flew by me the first time.  Watch this on as large a screen as you [possibly can.  I didn't catch as many references to Japanese puppetry as I expected, but there were effects from many other art forms, including pop-up books.  About half of it is fight scenes, but each one has some novel setting or twist, so that's ok.

There are some good reviews up on Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Bunraku-Josh-Hartnett/dp/B005F96URI/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1320513956&sr=1-1
None of the reviews (as of this morning) mention Gackt - odd- or are the reviewers trying to conceal fangirliness?  Anyway, surf on over there and hit the LIKE icon, let's sell some product for our hero.  I want to see him in concert in the US before he's using a cane.
One of the reviews says "a movie for theater lovers," and I think that's a major point.  If you don't appreciate going to a theater and seeing the sets being moved around and the whole physical process of creating illusion, you're probably not going to get much of this film.

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Chachamaru & GACKT
cha san pictures

Happy Belated Birthday to Littleflapper !
Hope you had a great day.... I was taking a kitten to the veterinarian, so no time to post.

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The people of Okinawa are pleading directly to the American people.  Please read. 

Remember that the Okinawans were not the aggressors in WWII, they were the victims of the Japanese armed forces.  The reefs of Henoko are important not just to Okinawan economic interests, they are important because coral reefs are disappearing all over the world.  Every last remaining scrap is precious.  Please read the latest issue of National Geographic, with the article The Acid Sea to understand this threat to the entire chain of life on Earth.   
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It's tomorrow, Friday, September 30th.  If people have the right to prattle nonsense to me, I should have the right to tell them it's nonsense.

OK, why does the embed show up in the preview and not in the journal?  It's no wonder LJ is slowly dying out.

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That was a rough break for the fans in Toulouse, but it's nice that they filmed an apology.  I wonder why Gackt's voice seems different here than it did, for example, in the TIFF press conference.  Maybe somebody told him that some humans can't hear those very low tones.

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   Greetings from the "empty nest!'   My Daughter went off to college on August 24th, and I plan to drive out and see her next weekend.   we talk on the phone or exchange emails every two or three days.  The drive out to the Shenandoah region is just over two hours, so I could see her fairly often, but I want her to do some exploring on her own.  My refridgerator has a whole lot less food in it now, but with my cats, I'm never alone. 

    It's been a pretty busy few months.  My Dad's vision has gotten even worse (macular degeneration,) so I am looking into various appliances to help him continue to do his paperwork and use his computer.  I'm insisting that he use his cane now, because it's hard for him to see the curb or cracks in the sidewalk when he goes for an outing.   My classes are about to start, and I've been revising the curriculum once again.  I'm now teaching in a room with no mirrors... that's going to be a challenge.  I love this cool weather!  I feel like sewing again, and good thing, 'cause my Daughter has requested two different costumes:  Commander Shepard of Mass Effect, and a generic medieval peasant outfit.  She immediately found her fellow gamers and fantasy buffs at college.
  I'm modifying a cheap suit from the thrift shop to make this.  Thank goodness I found grey and white poly fabric that doesn't  fray to make all the bands and panels.

    I've been following Gackt, but he confuses me.  Is Gacktjob gone forever?  I thought there was going to be another tour in which he resumed (or finished off) the Moon saga.  Although I do like his hard rock,  the dark ballads are my true favorites.  I have this nagging feeling that maybe his voice isn't what it used to be, and that might be behind some of his career choices in the past year.  I was certainly g;ad to see him broadening his acting abilities  beyond handsome samurai, although I think he will easily come to mind when directors are looking for somebody to fill such a role.

    The kitten I bottle fed this spring is now old enough to get her shots and get spayed.   Tabby is such a cool coat type - seriously, if you'd never seen a tabby before you'd really be impressed by the rich blend of colors and the complex patterns.  Spots and stripes!   I'll post more pix of her.

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I hope you won't have occasion to use this checklist, but you probably will.   From the website of physicist John Baez.

  1. A -5 point starting credit.
  2. 1 point for every statement that is widely agreed on to be false.
  3. 2 points for every statement that is clearly vacuous.
  4. 3 points for every statement that is logically inconsistent.
  5. 5 points for each such statement that is adhered to despite careful correction.
  6. 5 points for using a thought experiment that contradicts the results of a widely accepted real experiment.
  7. 5 points for each word in all capital letters (except for those with defective keyboards).
  8. 5 points for each mention of "Einstien", "Hawkins" or "Feynmann".
  9. 10 points for each claim that quantum mechanics is fundamentally misguided (without good evidence).
  10. 10 points for pointing out that you have gone to school, as if this were evidence of sanity.
  11. 10 points for beginning the description of your theory by saying how long you have been working on it. (10 more for emphasizing that you worked on your own.)
  12. 10 points for mailing your theory to someone you don't know personally and asking them not to tell anyone else about it, for fear that your ideas will be stolen.
  13. 10 points for offering prize money to anyone who proves and/or finds any flaws in your theory.
  14. 10 points for each new term you invent and use without properly defining it.
  15. 10 points for each statement along the lines of "I'm not good at math, but my theory is conceptually right, so all I need is for someone to express it in terms of equations".
  16. 10 points for arguing that a current well-established theory is "only a theory", as if this were somehow a point against it.
  17. 10 points for arguing that while a current well-established theory predicts phenomena correctly, it doesn't explain "why" they occur, or fails to provide a "mechanism".
  18. 10 points for each favorable comparison of yourself to Einstein, or claim that special or general relativity are fundamentally misguided (without good evidence).
  19. 10 points for claiming that your work is on the cutting edge of a "paradigm shift".
  20. 20 points for emailing me and complaining about the crackpot index. (E.g., saying that it "suppresses original thinkers" or saying that I misspelled "Einstein" in item 8.)
  21. 20 points for suggesting that you deserve a Nobel prize.
  22. 20 points for each favorable comparison of yourself to Newton or claim that classical mechanics is fundamentally misguided (without good evidence).
  23. 20 points for every use of science fiction works or myths as if they were fact.
  24. 20 points for defending yourself by bringing up (real or imagined) ridicule accorded to your past theories.
  25. 20 points for naming something after yourself. (E.g., talking about the "The Evans Field Equation" when your name happens to be Evans.)
  26. 20 points for talking about how great your theory is, but never actually explaining it.
  27. 20 points for each use of the phrase "hidebound reactionary".
  28. 20 points for each use of the phrase "self-appointed defender of the orthodoxy".
  29. 30 points for suggesting that a famous figure secretly disbelieved in a theory which he or she publicly supported. (E.g., that Feynman was a closet opponent of special relativity, as deduced by reading between the lines in his freshman physics textbooks.)
  30. 30 points for suggesting that Einstein, in his later years, was groping his way towards the ideas you now advocate.
  31. 30 points for claiming that your theories were developed by an extraterrestrial civilization (without good evidence).
  32. 30 points for allusions to a delay in your work while you spent time in an asylum, or references to the psychiatrist who tried to talk you out of your theory.
  33. 40 points for comparing those who argue against your ideas to Nazis, stormtroopers, or brownshirts.
  34. 40 points for claiming that the "scientific establishment" is engaged in a "conspiracy" to prevent your work from gaining its well-deserved fame, or suchlike.
  35. 40 points for comparing yourself to Galileo, suggesting that a modern-day Inquisition is hard at work on your case, and so on.
  36. 40 points for claiming that when your theory is finally appreciated, present-day science will be seen for the sham it truly is. (30 more points for fantasizing about show trials in which scientists who mocked your theories will be forced to recant.)
  37. 50 points for claiming you have a revolutionary theory but giving no concrete testable predictions.

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happy birthday wishes gackt
happy birthday wishes pictures

That's right, silly Disney-esque font in Barbie pink. Deal with it.

Where are all the birthday postings this year? Is everyone just on Twiter?

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The blog of Norman Reedus, the actor who played Judas in the latest Lady Gaga video now has 52 stills from that video.  I wonder if it was her idea to have him pour beer on her ass.  Anyway, love the music and the video, lyrics just so-so.

More, in case you want the deets on the actor or the costumes:   norman-reedus.com/gallery/thumbnails.php


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